Rule of Thumb – David Curwen




As a designer and builder of small-gauge locomotives David Curwen has a reputation second to none. At various stately-homes, or pleasure parks, Curwen locomotives are still to be found at work even though some are now over fifty-years old

Published in December 2006,it covers in a humorous and easy to read manner, David Curwen’s life as an engineer. Starting in the motor trade in the 1930s with stories of then current cars and motorcycles, then onto generating plant and finally to locomotive construction.

As a designer and builder of small-guage locomotives David Curwen has a reputation second to none.

Foreword by Lord Braybrooke
Chapter 1 – Born with Steam in my veins!
Chapter 2 – A brief Introduction to internal combustion
Chapter 3 – Maintaining generating plant
Chapter 4 – Time for a change
Chapter 5 – Our First Business venture
Chapter 6 – Steam Cars and other troubles
Chapter 7 – Farmyard engineering
Chapter 8 – Talyllyn Adventure
Chapter 9 – Formation of Curwen & Newbery
Chapter 10 – 1966 New Beginnings
Chapter 11 – Hartop Interlude
Chapter 12 – Polar Star, Loyalty and Barbara Curwen
Chapter 13 – The Age of Steam
Cahtper 14 – The best steam engine I have ever seen
Chapter 15 – Making a locomotive

The Book is now printed and available for immediate shipping.