Welcome to Stationaryenginebooks.co.uk., the website of David Edgington MBE.

David has been a stationary engine enthusiast for forty-seven years and during that time has written fifteen books devoted to the historical side of the hobby. The books chronicle, in some depth, engine types, when they were built, serial numbers, changes, with emphasis on how to identify each model.

Each book is signed by David who will add a personal dedication if required. Despatch is usually same day.

Under the heading NEWS, you will find a selection of David’s past articles.   

The hobby of collecting old stationary engines is eminently contagious, as it offers something for everyone, people of all ages, and from all walks of life. It revolves around finding (or buying) an old engine, stripping and rebuilding it, for the sheer pleasure of seeing it work again. NEWS covers some of the more interesting engines David has seen, or written about, during the past decades.